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HeR naMe: CaSSaNdrA

hoW oLd? 14

sHe LovEz: heR frieNdz; heR faMiLy; heR peTz; muZic;
H/D paiRiNg; yaOi; sLash.

sHe haTezz: heR meNdAciouSly frieNdz [>nO naMez iTz heR seCreT, sHe kNowZ whO iZz a liAr aNd gossiP aBouT heR, tHe liaRz doNt knoW abouT heR kNow<]; heR baD enemieZ; bAd muZic; bAd fOod, heaRtbreaKz, tHe mooN.

sHe nEEdz: loNelinEzz; peAce; AdVentureZz; LoVe; A gAy; H/D ; GooD friendz; her Dreamz.

HeR wisHez: A gOOd LifE; tHat heR liaR frieNdz eNd heR gamEz; peAce foR tHe eArtH; LoVe.

sPeziaL thaNx To: heR littLe LoVe.

YouR ouTrigHt liEz
-i haTe theM
YouR thumpiNg liE
-i nEEd iT
YouR preffereD liE
-iZ mY eneMie
YouR wHakiNg liE
-i LoVe
He toLd mE a liE
aNd i hAtE hiM